Luiz Simas - Brazilian composer

"Piece of Cake": samba? classical? jazz? All of it?

15 Nov 2015 Article
About my newest composition, a super fast, fun, cheerful and crazy samba-classical-jazz piece

Some of my piano pieces are mid tempo or slow, very melodic with interesting harmonies and reflecting my Brazilian heritage and other influences. However, once in a while my fingers start to itch :-), wanting to move very fast while have some fun doing it, so I came up with my newest piece: a super fast, electrifying, cheerful and a little crazy samba with touches of jazz and classical / impressionistic colors.

I called it "Piece of Cake", with the alternative title in Portuguese "Essa é Moleza"="This one is really easy" (which it isn't by any means !!!). Check out the music sheet at and a  video recording of it in youtube at



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