Luiz Simas - Brazilian composer


Luiz Simas was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A composer, singer and pianist, he has performed and recorded with many of the top Brazilian artists. Many of his songs have been recorded in Brazil and in the US, and he also composed several soundtracks for tv.

He writes for piano and for other instruments, both solo and ensemble, in several Brazilian genres. His collection of original choros has been critically acclaimed.

Living in New York since 1989, he has performed as a solo singer/pianist, as well as with his own group in various jazz clubs, jazz festivals, universities and music halls in the US, in Europe, in the Caribbean and in Brazil. He’s also a very sought-after music director and arranger, having worked in the US and In Brazil in numerous recordings and live performances with several international and Brazilian artists.

Luiz is also a teacher of Brazilian popular music history, having given several courses at City University of New York’s graduate center on the subject.

  Luiz Simas